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last updated : 18/09/17


St Saviour’s Primary School:

There will be Mass at St Saviour’s Primary School on Thursday, 21st Sept at 9.30am. All are welcome.

St Mary of the Angels-Full School & Family Sunday Mass:

Children, families and staff from our school will be joining us for Holy Mass at St Mary of the Angels Church, 9am Sunday 24th September. All are welcome.

Faith and a Brew Session:

Will take place at 2pm -4pm on Tuesday 26th September at St Mary of the Angels Primary School. Fr Louis and Deacon Tony will have the kettle bubbling in the Community Room and all are invited to join them for a brew and a chat.

LPA Junior Youth Club:

Will meet again at St Mary of the Angels (Stanley Hall) on Thursday 28th September from 6pm until 7.30pm. This group is open to all of our children of primary school age, year 3 and over.

St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels Parish Luncheon Club:

Will meet again at St Saviour’s on Thursday 21st September from 12 until 2pm. All are welcome for some conversation, company and refreshments.

Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee/Cake Events:

 cake sale will take place before and after 5pm Mass at St Saviour’s Church on Saturday 23rd September and Our Lady’s Luncheon Club will be holding a coffee morning on Friday 29th September at 10.30am at Our Lady’s Parish Centre. Both events are to raise funds for the essential work of Macmillan Cancer Support. Please come along and support this effort. Sharing and caring can be fun.

APF (Red) Mission Boxes, Our Lady & St Bernard’s:

Boxes are due to be emptied this month. Please bring your box to the Sacristy and collect it from there on your next visit to Church

Our Mission Together- St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels Parish:

Many thanks to all who have met with Fr Louis, Deacon Tony and the Parish Leadership Team, to consider supporting the Mission. We are grateful for your time, prayers and support, the conversations and observations of parishioners have been very interesting and useful. Further opportunities for individual meetings with parishioners will continue with members of this team or the clergy. If you wish to return a pledge form, you may do so in any of the following ways:
Return the pledge in the envelope provided to the diocese
Hand the envelope to Fr Louis or Deacon Tony
Post the envelope in the Mission Together box located at the rear of our churches.

Keys to the churches of St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels:

For reasons of security and safeguarding, it has become necessary to change the locks on both of our churches. This will happen initially at St Saviour’s Church on Sunday afternoon, 17th September.  If you have a legitimate need to access the church, and have completed and signed the ‘Key holders Agreement Form’, keys to the new locks will be handed out this weekend. Further notice of the date when the locks will be changed at St Mary of the Angels will be given via this newsletter. 

Our Lady & St Bernard’s Parish Formation Team:

Thank you to those who came along to the meeting last Wednesday at which Marie Hayes was chosen as Chair, and Lesley Pritchard, Secretary of the newly renamed ‘Our Lady & St Bernard Parish Formation Team’. Our next meeting will be a brief gathering to discuss future plans on Wednesday, 4th October, 6.00pm in Our Lady’s Parish Centre. The earlier time is due to the Confirmation session that will follow at 7.00pm.

St Saviour’s & St Mary of the Angels Parish Formation Team Meeting:

Thanks to all who attended the meeting last Monday, your continued support is greatly appreciated.  We hope to have the minutes available in churches next weekend.  

Our Lady & St Bernard’s Christmas Fayre planning:

Just to give folk advance notice of the first planning meeting for this year’s Christmas Fayre. This will be on Wednesday, 20th September at 7.00pm in Our Lady’s Parish Centre Upper room. Please come through the Church entrance as the Flower Club will be in Church.

Our Lady & St Bernard’s Tea & Coffee after Sunday, 9.00am & 11.00am Masses:

Just a reminder that Tea & Coffee are still available after 9.00am Mass at St Bernard’s in the ‘Café’ area and in Our Lady’s Parish Centre after the 11.00am Mass on Sunday; do feel welcome to pop in for a brew and a chat.

Eucharistic Ministers Rotas for Our Lady’s:

The new Rotas for the Eucharistic Ministers at Our Lady’s are in the ‘Pigeon Holes’ at the back of Our Lady’s Church.

Our Lady & St Bernard Parish Tote Winners – 10th September:

1st Prize, £50-00
No. 92 A. Wells

2nd Prize £30-00
No. 193 T. Cawley

Awaiting Collection: 
No. 07 A. Kemp
No. 24 Z. Hudakova                               

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