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last updated : 18/04/2020

General Pastoral Area Information

As we previously said, in line with Government Guidelines the Bishops of England & Wales have asked that our Churches be closed, as gathering of more than two people are banned so as to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Planned Baptisms and Weddings are suspended for the time being and Funerals, though continuing, are taking place as simple Services either at the Graveside or Crematorium with a small number of family members present. Mass will be offered privately for those who have died, or as a Memorial Mass at a later date when things have returned to normal.

Please pray for the following who have died recently and for their families:

Please pray for the following who have died recently and for their families: of Helen Mannion, Kathleen Hall, Sheila Kearns, Norma Reilly, Ellen Delaney, Marjorie Kimpton, Thomas Birkett, Jonathan Duffy, John Cubbin, Steve Foulkes (Snr), John Gavin, Joseph Reddy, William Hughes


  Whilst our Parishes Staff Members are working from home during this time, please ring or email the usual contact details and we will get back to you as soon as we can, though there may be a delay. Thank you for your understanding during this time. 


We’ve had a few messages from folk wondering about how to collect their Collection Envelopes during this time? With the restrictions we cannot give these out at present so please don’t worry about them till things get back to normal and we can sort it from there.


  We’ve also been asked by several folk whether they can set up either a Temporary or Permanent Standing Order during the time when our Churches are closed? This is very kind of people, and this support is greatly appreciated. Our Diocesan Gift Aid Organiser, Mr Mike Russell, that many of you know, is working from home and he can sort out sending a form to you to set this up. Mike’s email address is:
He would be happy to hear from you


Continued thanks for the phone calls and emails asking how we are doing and if we need any help! Such times often bring out the best in each other, it has been so uplifting to receive these calls and also for us to talk to those who are on their own at this time, and has also been good that we can talk without rush, and many other demands are on the ‘back burner’ at this time. Father Louis, Deacon Tony, and Tony Nuttall are about as much of any of us can be at the moment, and I (Father Niall) have been advised not to go out unless I absolutely need to, so I am grateful to those who have been supporting me in this time. However, I am able to do a lot from here. Let’s continue to pray for each other during this time.


The obligation of the faithful to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is suspended amid these extraordinary circumstances as the obligation cannot be fulfilled. 


In his regular letter to the Clergy, Bishop Mark has asked to draw you attention to the following message from the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales:
“In their letter of 18th March 2020, the President and Vice President of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales said: “in these emergency circumstances, and for as long as they last, the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is removed. This is, without doubt, the teaching of the Church (CCC n. 2181). This pandemic is the ‘serious reason’ why this obligation does not apply at this time.”
Many of the faithful will be aware of their Easter Duties; that is to receive Holy Communion during the Easter Season and by custom, to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation beforehand. The Code of Canon Law says “each of the faithful is obliged to receive Holy Communion at least once a year. The precept must be fulfilled during the Easter season unless it is fulfilled by a just cause at another time during the year” (CIC 920). The requirement for the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation comes from the need to be in a state of grace to receive Holy Communion (CIC 916). As it is not possible for the faithful to receive Holy Communion at this time and into the future, the Bishops of England and Wales have dispensed the Easter Duties for the year 2020.
The Bishops ask that all should make a Perfect Act of Contrition at this time. Perfect contrition (or Contrition of Charity) is true and real sorrow for our sins which is created when we realise the immense love of God for each one of us. We express this contrition when we realise how we offend God by our sinful words, deeds and omissions in contrast to the immeasurable love and mercy that He continuously shows us. This requires us to be contrite of heart for what we have done, know and be overwhelmed by the love and mercy of God for his children, and to approach this grace with humility and resolution not to sin again.

An Act of Contrition we might recommend:

My God, I am sorry for sins with all my heart. In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good, I have sinned against you whom I should love above all things. I firmly intend, with your help, to do penance, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin. Our Saviour Jesus Christ suffered and died for us. In his name, my God, have mercy on me.”

Readings for the Second Sunday of Easter:  

Easter Sunday has an ‘Octave’ where it is almost ‘stretched’ out over Eight Days; over these days many elements of the Liturgy and Divine Office are like ‘repeats’ of Easter Sunday, meant to foster the feeling of a ‘continuous shout of praise’. This Sunday, the Second Sunday of Easter is the ‘Eighth Day’ and completion of the Octave, after which we move into the Season of Easter. In today’s Gospel of St John the Risen Jesus is ‘among’ his disciples; he doesn’t appear in a blast of light or trumpets he is simply just ‘among them’. So often encounters with the Risen Christ are in the ordinary, day to day of life; often they don’t initially recognise him, then something opens there understanding and they twig he’s there! Been there all along, but they were blinded by fear, presupposition etc. In today’s scene the disciples are hiding, in fear, and then Jesus is ‘among them’; in their fear and hopelessness he is among them, standing with them, encouraging and supporting them from within. He eats with them; he is not outside the human condition he is Risen, yet still one with us. In the Gift of the Holy Spirit he shares his Life with them, giving courage. Thomas, who was not there, wants proof! Eight Days later, Jesus is among them again; Thomas touches his wounds, and then makes the profession of faith “My Lord and my God!” he recognises in faith his God and Lord, right there in front of him, ‘with them’. The First Reading from the Acts of the Apostles, after their various meetings with the Risen Christ the followers of Christ are encouraged in living and sharing the Good News by their sharing in the Eucharist and their prayer. In the Second Reading, from the First Letter of St Peter, St Peter shares his praise of the gift of the Risen Christ and, how through all trials and difficulties, we have a gift that no power on this Earth can take from us, the Gift of Life in Christ Jesus. This gives us hope in this time of trial and concern over the Coronavirus and the lockdown. In Jesus we have something eternal and precious as part of us; and so many are sharing that at the moment in so many ways; those who are able to bring help to others like Hospital, NHS and emergency Services Workers, those who are keeping Supplies available, those who are volunteering to bring help and support, those who are making the effort to contact those isolated, those who are isolated themselves and support with their concern and prayer. By all these signs we truly know that the Risen Christ is ‘among us’.

Livestream from Shrewsbury Cathedral:

 As we said last week, many have been in touch saying how much they missed being at the Celebrations of the Easter Triduum. We missed being to celebrate this special time with you, but we have perhaps been helped to ‘know the Risen Christ is among us’ by being joined together spiritually. Many have also been encouraged by being able to join in through various ‘livestreams’ especially from our Cathedral in Shrewsbury with Bishop Mark. During Eastertide the itinerary will continue; go to: and on the homepage click on ‘Livestream’ in the top right hand corner, you will then see the ‘Shrewsbury Cathedral’ blue box, then just click on the ‘play’ symbol.



With great sadness we announce the recent deaths of Keith Weston, Thomas Birkett, Jonathan Duffy, John Gavin, William Hughes, Marjorie Kimpton, John Cubbin, Steve Foulkes (Snr) Joseph Reddy, Sheila Kearns, & Norma Riley. May they all rest in peace and please keep their families in your prayers.


The obligation of the faithful to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days is suspended amid these extraordinary circumstances as the obligation cannot be fulfilled. Further details concerning Easter obligations are to be found on our parishes’ website. 


Alongside our SVP we are continuing to build up a team of volunteers to assist with day to day needs and requests for assistance, such as hamper deliveries, shopping and prescription collections for housebound. If you wish to volunteer please contact St Saviour & St Mary’s Office on 0151 327 6158 or the LPA Office on 0151 355 5877

Food hampers and shopping vouchers are in high demand. We are regularly taking out the parish minibus in order to drop hampers off to families in need. We are still collecting food and cash donations in support of our parish Foodbank, if you wish to make a donation, this could be dropped at the presbytery or collected from your front door. Additionally if you require support of this kind please let us know.
Many thanks to all who have already contributed or assisted to this vital parish effort and ministry at this time of increased need.

If you need to speak to the clergy regarding any concern or area of need please call the Parish office of St Mary Office on 0151 327 6158.


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