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last updated : 29/07/2018


One ‘Missionary Parish’ for Ellesmere Port & Hooton:

As people have asking, we hope that the following may be of help:
What is a ‘Missionary Parish’? Pope Francis has talked about Catholic Christians not looking ‘inward’ and focussing on what is wrong, but looking outward, reaching out and sharing and living the Gospel, to be ‘Missionary Parishes’ and seek how we can live the message of Christ; moving from ‘Maintenance to Mission’. Bishop Mark has taken up this image when inviting us to consider how best to rationalise and share the resources we have in our Parishes, not just patching up cracks but, looking into the signs of times, and seeing how best we share and live the resources we have now in living the Gospel.
What do we mean by the ‘One Parish of Ellesmere Port & Hooton’? At present we have two Parishes in our area, called a ‘Local Pastoral Area’ for now, these are St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels and Our Lady Star of the Sea & St Bernard of Clairvaux. There are two priests and two deacons, and two Parish Consultation Groups (Formation Teams). Already we share and work together with many of our resources. Bishop Mark has asked that we work toward, and get ready for ‘One Parish’ here in this area. Several other areas in our Diocese are also going through a similar process, some have already passed this stage and are working in this new way.
Will this ‘One Parish’ be starting soon? No, what we have been asked to do is to get things ready for Ellesmere Port & Hooton to run as ‘One Parish’. This we have done much of by our shared Sacraments Programmes, Administration, Newsletters etc. We are setting up a ‘One Parish Formation Team’ of Clergy & Parishioners to help take this forward. For the foreseeable future we will remain two separate Parishes, but working closer together to present one front, sharing what we can do together, and hopefully better communicating. There is no suggested timescale for when the ‘One Parish’ would be initiated; we just need to have the structures in place.
Does this mean there will only be one Priest? Again no, for the foreseeable future there will be two Parish Priests working together with our Deacons and Parishioners. Maybe at some future time there would have to be one Priest, but this is certainly not envisaged for the immediate future, barring any sudden emergency.
Will the roles in our Churches change & will we have to do everything together? Yet again no, we will be working from the principal: “What can we do better together; what can we do better on our own?” Some roles and functions are better carried out in the wider area, others in our own Church Communities. Nobody will be ‘taking over’ the roles and functions of others, but we will be seeking how best we can help and support each other.
Will any Churches be closed? Across our Deanery and Diocese the Review procedure is taking place, and there is no discussion of any immediate closures. In other Dioceses there have been closures, but generally across our Diocese of Shrewsbury we try to avoid closures, unless it is absolutely necessary, and then only done with discussion, consultation and preparation. With the procedures in our area, there is no plan to close any of our Churches.

A41 Churches Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast:

The next Prayer Breakfast till take place at St Mary’s at 9.00am on Saturday 4th August 2018.  

Foundation Governors at Our Lady’s and St Bernard’s Primary Schools:

All our Catholic Schools have ‘Foundation Governors’ on their Governing Bodies. Foundation Governors are practising Catholics who represent the Bishop to ensure the ‘Catholic ethos’ of our Schools; they form a majority on our Governing Bodies. At present several of our Foundation Governors are having to stand down for understandable reasons. We are very grateful to them for their dedication and support. This does leave gaps; if anyone from our Churches feel they might be able to help support us in this vital role, please see Father Niall.

Work at Our Lady’s Church:

As you will see, the next phase of the work at Our Lady’s has started, with Scaffolding erected. This is to enable access to the roof to repair gaps and make the structure more secure. This has resulted in the main door being closed for safety, with access only through the car park entrance.  The main door will be opened for Funerals and Weddings. Whilst this will cause some inconvenience, it is better to get it done. Also during August there will be some work in the Parish Centre to upgrade some of the facilities and redecorate. Again, this will involve the Parish centre being closed for most of August, from Friday, 3rd August.  We will keep you posted.

Fairtrade Church Status:

This week Our Lady’s has been granted the status of a ‘Fairtrade Church’ by the Fairtrade Foundation’. St Bernard’s had been granted the status of a ‘Fairtrade Church’ a few years back through CAFOD. Now the whole Parish is ‘Fairtrade’, and working towards the whole LPA taking this on. Fairtrade Status means that we use Fairtrade Products at functions where we are responsible and to promote the use of Fairtrade Products. Already, across our LPA we use many Fairtrade Products, for example the Wine we use for Holy Communion. Certified Fair Trade Products ensure that the producers receive a Fair Price for their products, which helps them move out of the cycle of Poverty. It is a very clear reminder that even the smallest things we do, can make a world of difference. People in poorer countries often have the odds stacked against them, they don’t want to live off  ‘handouts’ they seek, as do we all, ‘a fair day’s pay, for a fair day’s work’ and the right to live their lives in peace and justice and the security to raise their families with hope and dignity. Sadly, so often, they are deprived of these. The Fairtrade Foundation, of which CAFOD is a partner, seek to help the poorer people of this world to get that fairer deal. It has already made a huge difference to many, and we can be thankful to play our part in this.

LPA Junior Youth Club – Now meeting at St Mary’s:

Please note (Summer venue) – will meet again at St Mary’s (Stanley Hall) on Thursday 16th August from 6pm until 7.30pm. This group is open to all of our children of primary school age, year 3 and over!

SVP Groceries, Our Lady & St Bernard’s:

The SVP have run out of groceries. Thanks to parishioners and Our Lady's Primary School's generosity at Christmas, we were able to supply needy families with grocery's, but the demand is constantly increasing; so if parishioners would be so kind to come to our assistance, the families concerned will be forever grateful. There are boxes at the back of Our Lady’s & St Bernard’s Churches for any who could help. Thank you.

Luncheon Clubs:

In Our Lady’s Parish Centre: Please note that due to the refurbishment of the Parish Centre, there will be no Luncheon Club in August. The usual pattern for these Luncheon Clubs will continue again from Tuesday, 4th September.
St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels’ Parish Luncheon Club: Please note that due to holidays etc the Luncheon Club will not meet during August. The date of the next meeting will be announced soon.

St Saviour’s & St Mary’s Our Mission Together Project- Parish Minibus:

As you know our parish project for OMT is to purchase a minibus for use across the parish. We have identified a suitable 17 seater lightweight Peugeot Minibus. This vehicle is fitted with the appropriate ramps to facilitate wheelchair & disabled access. A new vehicle will cost in the region of £30,000 with additional costs for insurance. We have now applied to the diocese for access to our raised funds in order to purchase this or a similar vehicle. It is our hope that the vehicle will be available and on the road for September 2018. We will keep you informed as this project is progressed.

Movie Afternoon at Our Lady’s Parish Centre:

The next movie afternoon at Our Lady’s Parish Centre will take place this Thursday, 2nd August from 2.00pm.  The movie showing this month will hopefully be ‘Waking Ned’.  It’s free of charge and includes a cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee. All are welcome.

Eucharistic Ministers Rotas for Our Lady’s:

The new Rotas for the Eucharistic Ministers at Our Lady’s are in the ‘Pigeon Holes’ at the back of Our Lady’s Church.

Our Lady & St Bernard Parish Tote - Winners– 22nd July:

1st Prize, £50.00
No.66, L Tran
2nd Prize, £30.00
No.16 L Carter
Awaiting Collection
No 36, T McNay
No 107 Mr Batterton
No. 61, M O’Hagan


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