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last updated : 09/04/2018


St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels Parish Luncheon Club:

Will meet again at St Saviour’s on Thursday 26th April from 12 until 2pm. All are welcome for some conversation, company and refreshments.

LPA Junior Youth Club

Please note (winter venue) – we will meet again at St Saviour’s Church on Thursday 12th April from 6pm until 7.30pm.
This group is open to all of our children of primary school age, year 3 and over!

St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels Parish First Holy Communion Dates:

St Saviour’s children will receive their First Holy Communion during the 11am Sunday Mass on 13th May St Mary of the Angels children will receive their First Holy Communion on Saturday 19th May, 10am Mass in St Mary’s church.
Please keep the children, their families and school staff in your prayers

APF (Red) Mission Boxes at Our Lady & St Bernard’s:

These are due to be emptied this month. Please bring your box to the Sacristy and collect it from there on your next visit to Church.

St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels Parish Formation Team:

Will meet again at Stanley Hall (St Mary’s) on Tuesday 17th April at 7pm. If you are a member of this team please come along to this important meeting.

SVP Mass for the Sick:

Advance notice – this will take place on Saturday 28th April 2018 at 11am in St Saviour’s Church.  All welcome. Please speak to any member of the SVP if you require transport.

St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels Parish Craft Group Easter Raffle:

First prize in the draw was won by Ann Hopper and a further prize also awaiting collection won by John Rice. Prizes can be collected from the piety stall at St Saviour’s. Further information concerning funds raised and allocation of these funds will be made available soon. Thanks to the Craft Group for their hard work and dedication and thanks to all who supported the raffle.

St Saviour’s Easter Egg Raffle-Thanks:

Many thanks to Andrew Laycock for running this raffle in support of our LPA Lourdes Youth Ministry. Thanks also to all who supported the raffle and contributed to the generous raised total of £169.00

Work at Our Lady’s Church:

During the next few weeks work will be starting at Our Lady’s Church to the Sacristy & Confessional. This work is to help upgrade to cover Safeguarding and Health & Safety requirements. In the Sacristy the locations of the present Priest’s Sacristy and Servers’ Sacristy will be reversed, the dividing door removed and a window placed in between the two. The outer doors will have glass panels in them. Also, new storage space will be created. At present the Confessional has the facility for Penitents to go anonymously or face to face. However, this is all enclosed, and leaves both the Penitent and Priest potentially vulnerable. To remedy this a dividing wall will be placed between the Priest and Penitent’s side and glass panels will be put in the outer doors, so that it can be seen that there is someone there, on each side, but so as not to see ‘who’ so to speak. This will mean that the only option in the Confessional will be the anonymous option. We will seek to have a ‘face to face’ option, maybe once a month, using one of the side Chapels, where everything is in view, but not overheard. This is not just a ‘paper exercise’, it is a response to problems that have arisen in other places, and have been learned from in formulating ‘best practice’. The Sacristy & Confessional Doors may be missing this weekend, as they have been taken away by the Joiners to be measured up for the Glass Panels; if this is the case we will adapt. This work will be mostly covered by the Parish Project of funds raised by ‘Our Mission Together’, so thank you to all who have helped make this possible. Later in the summer, essential work will take place for the building, about which we will say more closer the time.
Although there will be some disruption, we should be able to use Our Lady’s Church as usual.
The upkeep of the St Bernard’s building is managed in partnership with St Bernard’s School ‘Little Bears’ Preschool, who use the building in the week. It is for this reason that apart from the Sunday Mass at St Bernard’s, Our Lady & St Bernard’s Parish Groups and functions take place at the Our Lady’s Site.
Just a short update on the Our Lady’s Car Park Security Barrier that people ask about. This will take a little while to set up, and will only be in operation Monday to Friday during the working Day on a pass card system. It will always be opened for Masses & Services and no one will have to pay to come to Mass or will locked in! Again, we will inform you in good time about this. There are all kind of crazy rumours going round about this barrier! Please don’t anyone worry, and we’ll keep you posted.
Sorry about the long item, but we wanted to let you know where we were up to.

Our Lady & St Bernard Parish Formation Team Meeting:

The next full meeting will be a short update meeting this coming Wednesday, 11th April, 6.00pm in Our Lady’s Parish Centre, before the 7.00pm Catechetical Talk, mentioned above, that night. In the meantime we will be hoping to get in contact with all those who volunteered for Ministries and roles, and get these up and running. There are information Sheets are available at the back of our Churches for anyone who may be interested in becoming more involved. Hopefully, a ‘Buzz Update’ will be available this weekend.

Our Lady & St Bernard Parish Tote Winners– 1st April:

1st Prize, £50.00
No. 29 T McNay
2nd Prize, £30.00
No. 8 Mrs Rice
Awaiting Collection
No. 104 CMC
No.32 M Stanford


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