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last updated : 13/04/19


Fairtrade Stall:

The stall will be open this weekend (13-14th April) at Our Lady's Church, 27-28th April at St. Saviour's and 3rd May at St. Bernard's. Every item that you buy will help to support farming families in many developing countries around the world. Fair Trade ensures a fair price for their commodities and also helps to pay for much needed community facilities.

Tools for Self-Reliance:

This is a UK charity that sends refurbished second hand tools to six countries in Africa. Their mission is to reduce poverty in Africa by helping people build sustainable livelihoods through the provision of tools and training. The charity works with partners in each country providing tools, vocational, business and life skills training. Such support enables local people to earn a living which is of great benefit to their families and also to the community where they live. Tools for Self-Reliance is based in Southampton from where the tools are shipped out to Africa. They also have supporting groups all around the country, the nearest being in South Manchester. It is an excellent way of helping people who do not have the necessary equipment to start their own trade or business and it also gives tools and equipment a new lease of life. Not a bad idea in our throwaway society. For further information contact Tony Walsh (355 6419) or Tom Ormiston (356 9081).

Youth SVP Conference Easter Raffle:

The winners of the Easter Raffle will be drawn after Mass St Bernard’s and Our Lady’s this Sunday.

Faith Discussion & RCIA Meeting:

This Monday 15th April at 7pm the weekly RCIA & faith meeting will take place at St Saviour’s Church. There will also be an opportunity for light refreshments and discussion.  All are welcome

Transport to Sunday Mass by Parish Minibus: We are working to make arrangements to provide transport to at least one Sunday Mass as often as is possible. In relation to timing for pick-ups the 11am Mass at St Saviour’s has been chosen. If you require assistance with transport to this Mass please contact the Parish Office at St Mary of the Angels on 0151 327 6158. Once we have your contact details we will then be able to inform you when this transport is available. If you are qualified to drive a mini-bus and are willing to assist occasionally please also let us know.

Funeral Plans Regarding Order of Service at St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels Parish:

We know that this is a very sensitive matter and that few of us like to talk about it.  However, in order to ensure that your wishes are followed concerning your funeral service, Fr Louis & Deacon Tony strongly advise that you clearly record your thoughts and instructions. In order to assist in this, a document is now available to you from the parish. You are invited to take a document home and when it is completed return it to the parish where it will be stored securely. There is recorded on this document the option of making an appointment with Fr Louis or Deacon Tony if you wish to discuss the matter. Please do take one of these documents with you from church. If you have requested a clergy visit and not received one we intend to complete these visits after Easter.

LPA Senior Youth Club- Update:

As you know, we are hoping to restart this ministry, many thanks to those who have recently volunteered to assist and take a lead. A meeting will be announced shortly after Easter for those interested in order to discuss and plan this LPA ministry. We hope to have the group up and running for September of this year. More volunteers are still required, especially from Our Lady & St Bernard’s parish. Please consider assisting in this vital ministry and if you are able to assist please speak with Deacon Tony or Mr Rob Smith at  the parish office of St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels 0151 327 6158 or contact the LPA Office at Our Lady’s on 0151 355 5877. 

APF Red Boxes, Our Lady & St Bernard Parish:

The APF (Red) Mission Boxes are due to be emptied this month. Please bring your box to the Sacristy and collect it from there on your next visit to Church.

St Mary of the Angels, Church Cleaners Appeal:

There is now an urgent need for more volunteers to assist with the church cleaning. If you can assist please speak with Fr Louis or Deacon Tony    

Luncheon Clubs:

In Our Lady’s Parish Centre: This Tuesday, 16th April.  There will be no Luncheon Club on Good Friday 19th April.

Our Lady & St Bernard Parish Tote - Winners– 7th April:

1st Prize, £50.00
No.3 K Martin
2nd Prize, £30.00
No.52 S Killen

Awaiting Collection:
No. 115, Mr Newsome
No.40, P Llowarch


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