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last updated : 21/05/2018


SVP Groceries, Our Lady & St Bernard’s:

The SVP have run out of groceries. Thanks to parishioners and Our Lady's Primary School's generosity at Christmas, we were able to supply needy families with grocery's, but the demand is constantly increasing; so if parishioners would be so kind to come to our assistance, the families concerned will be forever grateful. There are boxes at the back of Our Lady’s & St Bernard’s Churches for any who could help. Thank you.

Our Lady & St Bernard First Holy Communion Masses:

Congratulations to the children from Our Lady’s School who celebrated receiving their First Holy Communion over the last two weekends. After a short break now, our final Celebration for St Bernard’s will be Saturday, 9th June, 10.00am at Our Lady’s Church. Please keep the children and their families in your prayers at this special time.

St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels Parish First Holy Communion Dates:

St Saviour’s children will receive their First Holy Communion during the 11.00am Sunday Mass this weekend, 13th May.  St Mary of the Angels children will receive their First Holy Communion next Saturday 19th May, 10.00am Mass in St Mary’s Church. Please keep the children, their families and school staff in your prayers.

Primary School Masses – St Saviour & St Mary’s:

There will be Mass at St Saviour’s School at 9.30am on Friday 25th May.  There will be no Mass at St Mary’s School this week.

St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels’ Parish Luncheon Club:

Will meet again at St Saviour’s on Thursday 24th May from 12 until 2pm. All are welcome for some conversation, company and refreshments.

Parish Garden at St Saviour’s:

Please note that this beautiful ‘Garden Shrine’ is open for use of Parishioners. As better weather is now with us the Garden Shrine will be opened before and after our weekend Masses, so please feel free to spend time in the garden. We also have a Garden Party planned for 3rd June (see above details) and Sunday, 22nd July (Lourdes Departure Mass & Party). Our sincere thanks is extended to the Parishioners who have helped to build and maintain this Shrine.

Forming a ‘Missionary Parish’ here in Ellesmere Port and Hooton:

Our plans to help build one ‘Missionary Parish’ here in Ellesmere Port and Hooton are underway, and listed below are the ways both our Parishes are taking this forward.
Do please keep this process in your prayers, as we can plan all we like, but unless we root it in prayer, it will not grow in Christ. Whilst we hold meetings and discussions, we will be thinking of how we can root this time in prayer.

St Saviour & St Mary of the Angel’s Parish Open Meeting Regarding Missionary Parish Formation:

Thanks to all who attended the important meetings held recently to discuss progress across our parish and the early stages of forming our new Missionary Parish of Ellesmere Port. An open general parish meeting will be held this coming Tuesday 22nd May, 7pm at St Saviour’s. This will provide an opportunity for updates, questions and Conversation.

 Our Lady & St Bernard Parish Formation Plans:

Thank you to all who have taken part in the Our Lady & St Bernard’s part of the Formation Process of creating one ‘Missionary Parish’ in the Ellesmere Port & Hooton area. As we said before, we are in a time of change in Our Lady & St Bernard’s, and whilst many new areas have developed, several people who have held roles for a long time, are soon to stand aside for very understandable reasons. Over the next few weeks, we will consider how best we can help and serve each other in our role and mission, before we also hold a similar meeting to that of our sister Parish, as mentioned above.

LPA Junior Youth Club: Please note (Summer venue) – we will now meet again at St Mary’s (Stanley Hall) on Thursday 24th May from 6pm until 7.30pm. This group is open to all of our children of primary school age, year 3 and over!

The Annual APF Red Box Summer Mass:

will be celebrated this year at St. Helen’s Church, Crosby on Saturday 16th June, the Mass will start at 12.noon. All are welcome.

Eucharistic Ministers Rotas for Our Lady’s:

The new Rotas for the Eucharistic Ministers at Our Lady’s are in the ‘Pigeon Holes’ at the back of Our Lady’s Church.

Work at Our Lady’s Church:

The work at Our Lady’s Church Sacristy and Confessional is really moving on, and should be completed in early June. There will still be some disruption, and we thank people for their patience and understanding during this time. There will be some cancelations and different Mass & Service Times during the coming week, so do please check the Newsletter. Structural work will be taking place in July, and again, though we be able to use the Church during this time, there may inevitably some disruption. We’ll say more about this closer the time.

Our Lady & St Bernard Parish Tote
Winners– 13th May:

1st Prize, £50.00
No 170 T Ormiston
2nd Prize, £30.00
No 107 Mr Batterton
Awaiting Collection
No. 179 M Henesy
No 49 Denise Seymour


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