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Our LPA support CAFOD at the Climate Change Rally in London

On Saturday, 5th December 2009 a Group from our LPA and our wider Diocese of Shrewsbury went down to London to support CAFOD at the Climate Justice Rally to raise awareness before the International Conference on Climate Change that took place in Copenhagen later that week.

CAFOD, and it’s partners and many other like minded organisations joined over 50,000 people for ‘The Wave’ where many wore, or coloured themselves in blue, as a ‘Blue Wave’ for Climate Justice. They were asking World Leaders to take seriously and ‘Act Now' over the problems caused by Climate Change.

Father John Rafferty lead a Mass on the Theme of ‘The Holy Spirit’ Father John Rafferty lead a Mass on the Theme of ‘The Holy Spirit’

Drought, Flooding, Desertification, Food shortages are all the result of rapid Climate Change and cause a vicious circle leading to mass starvation, migration, conflict and exploitation. The poorest of our World suffer the most. ‘The Wave’ hoped that World Leaders at the Copenhagen Conference would really seek to take decisive steps.

Sadly, the results were far from what was hoped for, though some progress was made. The Groups from our LPA and Diocese that took part in the London Rally certainly ‘did us proud’, and served as a reminder and a call for us all to do our part.

Do please visit the pictures in our ‘Gallery Section’ and also visit ‘The Wave’ website and the CAFOD website to see how we can all take this vital message on.