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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

St Saviour & Mary of the Angels’ Information

Please be assured that each day the clergy will maintain prayers before the Blessed Sacrament in our churches of St Saviour & St Mary of the Angels. We also encourage you to maintain private and family prayers at home. It is also possible to follow Holy Mass and access numerous prayer resources via various websites such as: and You will also find information and support via our own parishes’ website at

This week Fr Louis’ Private Mass intentions and Services will be as below;

Sunday 19th April - Charles Williams RIP

Monday 20th April – Paul Docherty Birthday Remembrance

Tuesday 21st April – Requiem Steve Foulkes RIP

Wednesday 22nd April –Norma Riley RIP (Also Funeral Services for Norma Riley & Thomas Birkett at Chester Crematorium Chapel)

Thursday 23rd April - Alice Harvey RIP First Anniversary

Friday 24th April: Dr Brian Longstaffe RIP

Saturday 25th April:  Fr Louis’ Intentions

Sunday 26th April: Joe Reddy RIP

We encourage parishioners particularly on Sunday’s, during your daily exercise, where possible to walk past one of our churches and offer in passing a prayer to the Risen Lord


The Clergy will be praying the Angelus daily at 12pm and 6pm accompanied by the ringing of the bell at St Mary of the Angels Church.

Holy Hours / Liturgies in our churches and LPA Website

Parish clergy continue to celebrate daily Holy Hours before the Blessed Sacrament in our churches. These are conducted privately in accordance with current restrictions and instructions. All of our parishioners continue to be remembered in our prayers. This week in St Mary of the Angels church a Holy Hour will be conducted by Fr Louis in honour of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Meanwhile in St Saviour’s church, Deacon Tony will conduct a Holy Hour in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Unfortunately we don’t have the means to broadcast them live but both services will be uploaded onto our LPA website very soon.

Without a doubt, currently, we are living in difficult times, and there is much hardship.  Not least for the fact that many cannot go to Mass or receive the Sacraments, but like many people before, we can still become saints!  We are now in the season of Easter, and we can all still maintain our prayer life. There are many ways to pray each day, for example, the prayer of Spiritual communion, The Holy Rosary, Angelus, Prayer of St Teresa of Avila and the Prayer to St Michael the Archangel. 

We may be used to these prayers, and some may not!  But all prayer leads to ‘holiness’’. The most important way to pray is to put yourself in the presence of Jesus, as a friend. Talk to Him, tell Him how you are feeling, for communication is at the heart of all prayer.  It’s that easy!   Then be still, and listen to what He is telling you, you may have a sudden thought or a piece of scripture that may come to mind, or you just may feel at peace, all are blessings.

Many of you like to pray the Rosary, but for some it is difficult, or you may not have prayed it for some time. If that is the case, try initially praying just one decade: 1 Our Father, 10 Hail Mary’s and a Glory Be.  You may think of one of the Mysteries like ‘The Crucifixion’ or The ‘Annunciation’, or any one you wish.  Offer this up for your intentions, especially for those who are suffering, and for all who have died from this dreadful virus!  Also, it may have been a while since you have prayed the Stations of the Cross. There are now many excellent versions on the internet. Moreover, you may take time to look at the readings for this coming Sunday Mass.

Finally remember that above all, God loves us with a passion.  Certainly, whatever we do to the least of our brothers and sisters, we do to Him. -  God bless you all.


Our Lady & St Bernard’s Information

As above and this week Father Niall’s Private Mass intentions will be:

Sunday 19th April – Parishioners
Monday 20th April– John Millington
Tuesday 21st April – Deacon Peter Bravey
Wednesday 22nd April – Father of Fran Garlick
Thursday 23rd April (St George) – John Barnes
Friday 24th April – Parishioners (for coming weekend)
Saturday 25th April (St Mark) – Alison Edwards-Ribeiro
Sunday 19th April – Sabatino Spina

Times of Services for people to join in Spiritually:  

On speaking with folk on the phone over the week we thought it might be helpful to know when things are happening so that people can join in spiritually from home. Therefore, circumstances permitting the routine will be:

Monday to Saturday
9.00am    Morning Prayer
11.00am  Holy Hour
12.noon   Angelus followed by Mass      
9.00am    Morning Prayer
11.00am  Mass
4.00pm    Holy Hour

As I say, we sadly cannot allow anyone to attend at this time due to the necessary lockdown regulations, but it might be good for you to know these times so as to be able to join spiritually at home. Even if we seem to be praying alone, in Christ we are never alone.

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