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Mass Times & Intentions

Sat 11th November – St Martin of Tours
St Mary’s     11.00am Fr Louis’ Intention
Our Lady’s   12.noon  Parishioners
Sat: Vigil of the Thirty Second Sun in Ord Time
St Saviour’s  5.00pm  Margaret McCormick
Our Lady’s   6.30pm  Philip & Margaret Shannon  

Sun 12th November Thirty Second Sun in Ord Time  
St Mary’s     9.00am   Phil Cooper
St Saviour’s 11.00am  Parishioners
St Bernard’s  9.00am   Joe Dean (A)          
Our Lady’s   11.00am      All War Dead

Mon: 13th November
St Saviour’s  9.15am   Margaret Stoneley
Our Lady’s  9.15am  Holy Souls
Tue: 14th November
EPCHS        8.45am   School Intention
St Mary’s    9.15am  In School- Frances Peacock RIP
St Saviour’s  12.45pm Funeral Service for Pauline Bickerstaff
Our Lady’s    12.noon  Richard Elliott        
Wed: 15th November
Our Lady’s   8.30am   Priest’s Intention
St Mary’s     11.30am Funeral Mass – Maureen Elias
St Saviour’s  7.00pm  Ebbrell Thanksgiving          
Thurs: 16th November
St Mary’s     9.15am   (Church) Teresa Wishart &Fam
St Mary’s    11.00am Funeral Service - Marjorie Cox
Our Lady’s    9.30am   (In Prim Sch) Special Intention
Fri: 17th November
St Mary’s     9.15am   Antonio Lammano
St Bernard’s  9.30am   (In Prim Sch) Priest’s Intention
Our Lady’s    12.noon  Wendy Besley Intention  
Sat 18th November
Our Lady’s   12.noon  Patrick (Thailand)
St Mary’s     1.30pm   Wedding Service – Bridger & Tonkinson
Sat: Vigil of the Thirty Third Sun in Ord Time
St Saviour’s  5.00pm  Joan Mulcahy
Our Lady’s   6.30pm  Filomena Lommano            

Sun 19th November Thirty Third Sun in Ord Time  
St Mary’s     9.00am   Parishioners
St Saviour’s 11.00am  Sheila Roscoe
St Bernard’s  9.00am   May Griffiths          
Our Lady’s   11.00am  Parishioners





St Saviour's

Tarporley Road, Great Sutton
Ellesmere Port, CH66 3JY

St Mary of the Angels

Chester Road, Hooton
Ellesmere Port, CH66 1QJ

Fr. Louis Maggiore
Deacon Tony Hunt

0151 327 6158


Our Lady
Star of the Sea

2a Enfield Road,
Ellesmere Port, CH65 8BY

St Bernard's

Sherbourne Road, Ellesmere Port, CH65 5EW

Fr. Niall Mullaley
Deacon Paul Sutton
0151 355 1255