St. Saviour's     St. Mary's     Our Lady & St. Bernard's

Mass Times & Intentions

Sat: Vigil of the Ascension of the Lord
St Saviour’s  5.00pm  Terry Stanford                    
Our Lady’s   6.30pm  Joe Fahy
Sun: 28th May – The Ascension of the Lord
St Mary’s     9.00am   Parishioners           
St Saviour’s 11.00am  Fernandes Family Spec Int
St Bernard’s  9.00am   Parishioners                       
Our Lady’s   11.00am Magdelena Tarasova, Maria Glevankova, Pavol Glevanak & Ivan Zaborsky

Mon: 29th May
St Saviour’s  10.00am Sue Martin 
Our Lady’s   12.noon  Manchester Victims Intention              

Tue:  30th May
St Mary’s      9.15am Josephine McDonnell
Our Lady’s   12.noon    Anna-Marie Chapman      
Wed: 31st May – The Visitation of the BVM
Our Lady’s    9.30am   Funeral Mass for Patrick Green 12.noon  Funeral Service for Margaret Edwards
St Saviour’s  7.00pm  Kathleen Sheils              

Thurs 1st June - St Justin
St Saviour’s  9.15am   Agnes Barrett RIP
St Saviour’s  1.15pm Funeral Mass for Desmond Reilly
St Mary’s    11.00am Funeral Service for Susan Martin
Our Lady’s    9.15am  Diocesan Clergy Intention     
Fri:   2nd June
St Mary’s      9.15am  Clark & Litten Family
St Saviour’s  1.15pm   Funeral Service for Mary Byrne
Our Lady’s   12.noon  Luncheon Club Members Int.

Sat: 3rd June - Ss Charles Lawanga & Companions
St Mary’s     10.00am First Saturday Devotions
St Mary’s   11.00am The Stanley Family
Our Lady’s   12.noon  Priest’s Intention

Sat: Vigil of Pentecost Sunday
St Saviour’s  5.00pm  Father Louis’ Intention        
Our Lady’s   6.30pm  Margaret Stanford Intention   
Sun: 4th June Pentecost Sunday
St Mary’s     9.00am   Michael & Rosie Joyce & Family           
St Saviour’s 11.00am  Parishioners           
St Bernard’s  9.00am   Parishioners                                   
Our Lady’s   11.00am      Stacia Armstrong Intention

St Saviour's

Tarporley Road, Great Sutton
Ellesmere Port, CH66 3JY

St Mary of the Angels

Chester Road, Hooton
Ellesmere Port, CH66 1QJ

Fr. Louis Maggiore
Deacon Tony Hunt

0151 327 6158


Our Lady
Star of the Sea

2a Enfield Road,
Ellesmere Port, CH65 8BY

St Bernard's

Sherbourne Road, Ellesmere Port, CH65 5EW

Fr. Niall Mullaley
Deacon Paul Sutton
0151 355 1255